Certificate II CUA20215

in Creative Industries (Filmmaking)

This course has been designed as a general introduction to film and has condensed the learning into a practical 15-week full time course.

Start your filmmaking career!

15 week full time course in Sydney near Wynyard Station. Blended study options available: small class sizes and online. 

Australian students may be eligible for Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy.*

No prior experience in film necessary.

Taught by leading industry practitioners, this hands-on intensive course serves as an introduction to the Key Craft areas involved in making a film. Students will learn, develop and apply film industry skills from pitching initial ideas and understanding production protocols, to casting actors and evolving a design brief, to operating professional video cameras and sound recording equipment, using camera lighting, shooting the film in production teams, all the way through to the post-production phase of digital video editing, sound design, grading, titles and credits.


Every participant will undertake a major crew role on set, and will edit their own version of the film. The final films will be screened at graduation. Major crew roles include: director/producer/director of photography/production designer/camera operator/sound recordist/first assistant director/continuity.


This course has been designed as a general introduction to film and has condensed the learning into a practical 15-week course duration.


No prior experience in film needed.

Laptop is required - specs here.




A nationally recognised qualification.

15-week duration.

Hands-on, production-based course.

Editing in Adobe's Premiere Pro.

Allows learners to develop skills and knowledge for future industry work.

Training / mentoring from leading industry professionals.

Small, personalised class sizes (max 12).

Class environment includes partnerships with industry employers.

Showreel for a portfolio upon graduating.

Start your filmmaking career with this 15-week course which introduces the key craft areas involved in making a film!

15 weeks (full-time) beginning February 2021

Sydney Campus Delivery

Cost: $4990 Australian Residents**

(**4 month payment plan available and students may be eligible for *Youth Allowance/Austudy through Services Australia)

 $9990 International Students


CRICOS Course Code: 0101914


The Certificate II in Creative Industries (Filmmaking)

Introducing the key craft areas in making a film.


Creative Arts and Culture Training Package

BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others

CUAIND201 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge

CUAWHS302 Apply work health and safety practices

CUALGT201 Develop basic lighting skills and knowledge

CUASCE201 Develop basic scenic art skills

BSBCRT101 Apply critical thinking techniques

CUASOU202 Perform basic sound editing

CUAPOS201 Perform basic vision and sound editing

CUACAM201 Assist with a basic camera shoot

CUASOU203 Assist with sound recording


Delivery: Classroom and online, delivered over seven subjects.


Weeks 1-6:


1. Major Project

2. Image 1: Camera and Lights

3. Sound 1: Sound Recording

4. Design


Week 7 is the major film shoot, and no classes are held during this week.


Weeks 8-15:  Major Project (continued) 

5. Image 2: Digital Editing

6. Sound 2: Sound Design

7. Supervised Practice




Major Project (6 hours / week)


In this subject students will pitch an idea (based on one of the screenplays provided) to the class in a competitive process that reflects industry practice. Only one director will be chosen from twelve students.


At a crew-market, students will be nominated one on-set role (producer, director of photography, production designer, first assistant director, camera operator, sound recordist, boom operator, camera assistant/focus puller, gaffer, and continuity) in order to form a complete production team per professional practice. Each student will then present this role to their colleagues, and how they intend to fulfil it.


Students will then undertake a major film shoot over the course of one week in their allocated crew roles.


In post-production every student will edit and sound design their unique version of the film, and every film will be screened at graduation.


Image 1: Camera and Lights (3 hours / week)


In this class students will learn all the basic skills for operating a motion picture camera, including the use of basic accessories such as a tripod, and lenses. Students will also learn how to construct a three-point lighting set-up.


Students will rotate undertaking the roles of DOP, camera operator and camera assistant on a test shoot.


Sound 1: Sound Recording (3 hours / week)


In this class students will learn how to operate a digital sound recorder, and basic mic and boom pole handling techniques.


Students will rotate undertaking sound recordist and boom pole operator roles on a test shoot.


Design: (3 hours / week)


In this class students learn how to implement the principles of design for film (including set design, props and costumes).


Students will rotate undertaking various design roles on a test shoot.


Image 2: Digital Editing (6 hours / week)


In this class students learn how to use digital video editing software, and some basic techniques for image editing.


Every student will edit their own version of the major project. This will include an assembly edit, a rough cut, a fine cut, and final film, according to industry practice.


Sound 2: Sound Design (6 hours / week)


In this class students learn how to use sound design software, and some basic techniques for sound design and mixing.


Every student will sound design and mix their own version of the major project.


Supervised Practice (6 hours / week)


Students will get the opportunity to reinforce their craft skills, especially in video and sound editing, under supervision.




Students will be required to keep an (online) production workbook which tests their knowledge in all the requisite skill areas.


In addition, students will be observed during a test shoot and the major project shoot, observing their ability to successfully perform their crew role, as well as in the craft areas of camera, lighting, sound and design.


Student video and sound edits will also be evaluated.


Units of Competency


In order to complete the full Certificate II CUA20215 qualification, students must be assessed as competent in all 10 units of competency outlined above.

Created's campus facilities are located in Fishburners - 11 York Street, Sydney (Wynyard Station)

Editing with Adobe

Premiere Pro


Begins February 2021